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The Inquisition
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Quit poking me, I'm not dead!
This mod has been going through a rather nice nap, a lazy period where I did nothing and a few talented people gave me some fine art assests. Today I am back and I am in the middle of:
-Adding the RCP120
-Adding the CMP150
-Adding the Callisto NTG
-Fixing the sound problem with the Cyclone
-compiling pd_complex for release
-Adding the Cloaking device time indicator
-Trying to make the zoom indicator more usefull(No one understands the HL FOV value)

The callisto took all month to get, you know how I said it would be ready 40 days ago? Bullshit. The modeler, Steve, Couldn't for the life of him get the NTG to eat the damn maian orb, after alot of experimentation we decided to give VGF a crack of it, the result is stunning.

Last night VGF asked me for a gun to do, I said RCP120, he emails me the gun the next day, about 4 days after I recieved a CMP150 as well!

Heres all 3 of them, the callisto is a fully redone gun, the others are simply rips, but will improve(though they look quite good already).

The pics too big so click here to see it

Hopefully my next post has RC4 and released in the title wink

Now back to coding...
29 Jun 2005 by Draco

PD Cloaking device's horrible secret (blooper)
Well, turns out datadyne ground up the bones of the still born to produce cloaking device's, check out this small clip laughing

We will be getting a callisto NTG model today or tomorow.

Now, to go clean up that blood sad
26 May 2005 by Draco

Revora and PD down time
Well it seems that Draco had to boot a back up of PD so some things may be missing :) I have tweaked cutenews so it works again but I see that some older posts are gone. no worries all the missing GFX will be back online ASAP!

Thanks Fraco for keeping a backup of the site :)!
24 May 2005 by Stine

Gallery updated, Carpark
Lost Dragon is just about done on Carpark, images in the gallery section

The gallery has been updated with up to date screenshots of Grid(revamped by Lost Dragon, it even has an elevator), Area52, Fortress and Carpark. Expect some Warehouse pics soon as well as some pictures of the weapons and player models
20 May 2005 by Draco

New Map! Fortress
For the last 2 days Lost Dragon has been very hard at work to provide us with our 3rd map. It is a recreation of Fortress, a team oreintated map, but a very good death match map with enough players.
Heres some shots

Also, I have this shot of me taking down that damn traitor Easton with my cyclone wink

Untill we have some more news, Long days and pleasant nights smile
18 May 2005 by Draco