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Q: What Is Perfect Dark?
A: Perfect Dark is a Nintendo 64 game that was released in 2000
By Rare.

Q: Why do you want to port this to the HL engine?
A: Because PerfectDark was a great game we thought it would be
a great mod for Half-Life.

Q: Will there be a HL2 mod of PerfectDark?
A: No. We would rather work on other, more original projects
after this

Q: Where can I get this mod?
A: Since the mod is still in beta you can grab the beta release
in the files section of this site.

Q: Is the PerfectDark team looking for more help?
A: we are always looking for new people to help out on this
mod! Please send us a shout on the Forums or in IRC!

Q: What is the system requirements to run PerfectDark?
A: Currently you need STEAM for online play you need a 
broadband internet connection but is not required to play

Q: Is this Legal?
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